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Art and Culture Central Java

Art And Culture Central Java

central java art, central java, java art, borobudur temple, borobudur sunrise, sunrise tour, art and culture, culture in central javaThe art and culture Central Java is mostly influenced by Javanese. It also happens art and culture in East Java, meanwhile West Java’s culture is influenced by Sundanese the most. It’s interesting to dig out more about art and culture of Central Java, especially Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta or Jogjakarta or Jogja (most people shorten the name) is the special region which is one of the most popular places in Indonesia which has drawn lots of attention from the public. When you travel Jogja, you will find out that this area preserve the culture very well.

Here are examples of art and culture of Central Java which have been famous domestically and internationally:
§ Java art puppets or local call it Wayang, is cultural creation of Central Java society. Lots of tourists in group tour program are curious to see the show of Wayang when they visit Jogja.
§ Siraman Pusaka Ceremony is a sacred events held in every Tuesday or Friday kliwon. In this event, the palace clean the sacred object as well as palace’s train vehicle.

Yogyakarta is still led by a Sultan. When you visit Yogyakarta, it’s not hard to see art and cultural events since Yogyakarta people still hold them regularly. It’s easy to recognize the strong art and culture of Central Java especially Yogyakarta. One of the most popular icon is Borobudur temple and the Hindu complex temple of Prambanan.